Bermuda 2013 - NatWest Island Games

Medal Table

Isle of Man 363625
Bermuda 271931
Jersey 232928
Cayman Islands 20188
Guernsey 191824
Gotland 1868
Faroe Islands 101214
Saaremaa 852
Shetland Islands 583
Menorca 537
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Half Marathon Team Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:52.18

Half Marathon Team Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:49.30

4 x 400m Relay Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:25.54

4 x 400m Relay Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:24.39

4 x 100m Relay Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:22.56

4 x 100m Relay Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:21.58

Half Marathon Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:16.16

Half Marathon Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:09.54

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