Bermuda 2013 - NatWest Island Games

Medal Table

Isle of Man 363625
Bermuda 271931
Jersey 232928
Cayman Islands 20188
Guernsey 191824
Gotland 1868
Faroe Islands 101214
Saaremaa 852
Shetland Islands 583
Menorca 537
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Half Marathon Team Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:52.18

Half Marathon Team Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:49.30

4 x 400m Relay Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:25.54

4 x 400m Relay Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:24.39

4 x 100m Relay Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:22.56

4 x 100m Relay Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:21.58

Half Marathon Women

Fri 19 Jul - 22:16.16

Half Marathon Men

Fri 19 Jul - 22:09.54

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Help Using This Site

Finding Information

Contains a medal table summary, a list of the 10 most recent results, a list of any new games records and also the Latest News containing various bits of information added during the games.


The best place to go if you wish to view the results by Sport/Event.

  • Initially you are presented with a list of all of the Sports taking place during the games
  • Click on the relevant Sport (e.g. Athletics) and you will then be presented with a list of all the events for that Sport
  • Click on the Event to view the results for that Event.
  • In certain sports you may also then be able to get more information about a certain match by following the link displayed.

This page enables you to find a Competitor or Team and then view all of their results.

To find a Competitor or Team:

  • Select either Competitor or Team
  • Enter all or part of the name of Competitor/Team. The search is based on the Competitors full name not just their surname.
  • Select their Island or sport they are competing in if known, otherwise leave blank.
  • Click on the Find button to return a list of the first hundred Competitors/Teams that match your query.
  • Click on the name of the person you are looking for to view their details

Allows you to browse results for individual Islands in a similar way to the Sports Page but you must first select the relevant Island.


The Schedule Page enables you to find the Schedule for a Sport, an individual Venue or for a particular day during the Games.

To view a particular schedule select the Day/Sport/Venue from the relevant drop-down list and click on the Display button to the Right of the list box.

Remember, a printer friendly or pdf version of the Schedule can be obtained by clicking on the printer or pdf icons at the top of the page.


The initial Medals Page contains a full medal table for the games with totals of all the medals each Island has won. This is ordered by total Golds, followed by Silver and then Bronze.

By clicking on the name of a particular Island you will be taken to a medal breakdown for that Island, which lists all of that Islands medal winning Competitors/Teams. Clicking on the name of the Competitor/Team will take you to their details page.

If you wish to see a list of every Competitor/Team that has won a medal for these Games then there is a link on the top of the medal table called View all Medals

Most Recent Results

The ten most recent results in the Games are displayed in a menu called “Results Just In”. To view the results for a particular event click on it and you will be taken to the Results for that event.

Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement for this site contains all the information on the Privacy & Cookies Policy for this site.

Contact Details

The Contacts Page contains information on the contact details for the Bermuda Organising Committee, the International Island Games Association and the Offical Results Provider Exis Ltd.